Monday, 21 February 2011


A type U burst was detected by CALLISTO at Rosse Solar Terrestial Observatory (RSTO) on the 11th of November 2010.

The plot shows the Height of the emitting plasma using the 4xNewkirk model.

The emitting region is Shown in the upper panel. The burst were generated by the NOAA 11126 active region.

Cutting some Trees.

Some trees were cut down in order to maximize the CALLISTO antenna observing time. 1February 2011

Motor Driver Maintenance

The motor driver that is used to track the Sun during the day, pointing CALLISTO antenna to the Sun, experienced some problems in the mechanics. 

The motor driver during the maintenaince

The motor was successful bring back to Trinity College Dublin workshop were was repaired. Many thanks to Dave, TCD workshop Manager.

Joe, Peter and Dave in the Mechanical workshop.

On February the 18th 2011 the Motor Driver was seated back in Operation.

Removing the motor driver from the mount.